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Useful Links for Roleplaying

General Roleplaying

  • - My favorite community for roleplaying. Tons of discussion, homebrew and play-by-post games happening here, for pretty much every system ever. Giant in the playground is also the home of several roleplay-inspired comics, like Order of the Stick.
  • - Here be sheets. A great way to save and share your character sheets online, very user-friendly. Their forum also has a lot of play-by-post games going on.
  • - Probably the best way of playing a roleplaying game over the internet. Haven't been using it lately, but its pretty damn good. Takes some getting used to, and has more options if you pay for a premium account.


  • - These are the guys that made Pathfinder, nuff said. Their forum is a good place to discuss the game.
  • - The home of pretty much all things Pathfinder. All races/classes/spells/feats/traits from official Paizo books are stored here. There is also a huge amount of 3rd party content, chief among it being Dreamscarred Press' Psionics and Path of War systems.